8 Cheap Gardening Hacks, Like Making Mini Greenhouses From Plastic Bottles

If you think of TikTok as a place where tweens and members of Gen Z perform unfathomable dance moves and viral sea shanties for their peers, you might be surprised to find that it’s also an online platform where gardening tips are shared.

According to some of the most popular green-thumbed TikTokers, with a little ingenuity and, say, a few old plastic bottles, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do to get your indoor and outdoor plants looking great.

From ‘wine bottle watering globes’ to getting rid of pests using orange peels, check out these hacks.

  1. Water your plants with a wine bottle
    Watering globes that go into soil can cost quite a few dollars, but a wine bottle you have hanging around in your recycling bin? That costs nothing. Check out @brightly.eco‘s TikTok to learn how to create your own free watering globe.
  1. Feed your plants for just the right amount of time
    Neither overwatering and under-watering your plants is optimal, so @chelseaaabri says to place your pots in a plate full of water. That way, they’ll soak up just the right amount.
  1. Figure out how thirsty your plants are with a pencil
    Here’s @geainthejungle‘s trick for finding out when your plants need watering: Mark the depth of dryness a particular plant likes on a pencil; stick the pencil in the soil to that exact depth, and if the nib comes out a little damp? You know you don’t need to water it quite yet.
  1. Fertilize your plants with coffee
    How to fertilize your potted plants? Well you could buy some fancy plant food, or you could just dilute your leftover coffee with water and pour that in the soil, says @_forthehome.
  1. Get rid of pests with orange peels
    You love your plants, but so do the bugs in your house. What to do? Simply place orange peels around your greens, says @ghibligreenhouse.
  1. Make a mini greenhouse from old plastic bottles
    Over on Instagram, @plasticfreeally has shared a green way of making a tiny greenhouse from discarded plastic bottles. First up, cut those bottles in half, then watch your green things sprout.
  1. Make a home for seeds in used tea bags
    Here’s a new one from @creative_explained: Take a used tea bag, pop a hole in it with a pair of scissors, put your chosen seed inside, place the whole thing in a Ziploc bag, then watch that little seed sprout.
  1. Grow your own fruit from what you get in the grocery store
    So you want to grow some strawberries? According to @growithjessie, pretty much all you need is a knife, a pot, some water, some soil—and of course, some sun—and then you’re all set. Do let us know if you give this, or any these other online hacks, a go?